Flexible Partial Dentures

Another type of partial denture is a Flexible denture. This type of dentures is a good solution for replacements of teeth for patients who are not interested in having visible metal clasps and many patients consider it this option. There are 2 brands of Flexible Dentures: Valplast and Duraflex.

What are DuraFlex and Valplast dentures? Both DuraFlex and Valplast are metal-free, flexible partial dentures. DuraFlex is made of thermoplastic and Valplast is made of nylon, making both partials durable and comfortable.


1)Improved Comfort.

2)Improved Aethetics as there are no visible Metal clasps thereby creating a very natural and beautiful result and increased confidence.

3)Greater durability as they are more fracture resistant that the more rigid acrylic.

4)Light weight in comparison with acrylic or Co-Cr dentures.


The biggest disadvantage that patients face is that a flexible denture is not repairable. There is no addition that can be made to it. If it breaks or becomes loose then a new one has to be made.