Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards Are you afraid of damaging your teeth because you play a sport?

Protective Mouth Guards

We frequently see examples of trauma that could have been prevented by taking basic precautions. If you or your child plan to enroll in a sport, it is a good idea to have a custom mouth guard made in our office. Mouth guards are designed specifically to prevent damage due to trauma from an activity or sport.

Custom mouth guards are smooth and comfortable to wear. Because they are designed just for you, they stay securely on your teeth and are easy to take in and out. That means they provide a lot more protection than the Elastoplast Mouthguard from local pharmacy. We believe the more comfortable we make your mouth guard, the more likely you are to wear it.

There are varying qualities of mouthguard materials. We use Pro-Form mouthguard laminated material providing added comfort and exceptional strength. Pro-Form material is regarded as one of, if not the best available. You can have any colour or combination of colours that are available at no extra cost.