At All 32 Dental clinic, we use bonded composite fillings, also known as white fillings, to make tooth-colored restorations for cavities.

• What are fillings?

Fillings are used to fix broken teeth, to fill a cavity, or to replace old fillings that might be damaged in need of repair. Your dentist will first remove all the decay from the tooth, then provide the filling to prevent further infection or decay. At All 32 Dental, we use bonded composite fillings.

• What are bonded composite fillings?

Bonded composite fillings are made from materials that are similar in color to teeth. They can be used as new fillings for cavities, or to replace old fillings that might need to be removed. The composite material is made from glass-filled particles in a resin matrix and has a putty-like consistency prior to curing.

• Why bonded composite fillings?

Composite resin, the material used to make the fillings, comes in a variety of shades. We will customize your treatment plan and work towards your filling suiting your smile. The material is also very strong and durable, yet easily repaired or resurfaced to maintain your tooth structure. We use LED fast-curing lights to harden the material and create a solid form.